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Wera Hobhouse, MP for Bath launched the Christmas celebrations at Salisbury Liberal Democrats annual dinner in Laverstock on Sunday, 2nd of December. An impressive buffet spread was organised by Vice Chair Grahame Alexander and his wife Lesley; Lesley was suffering from the handicap of an arm in plaster so her efforts were doubly impressive.


Nearly 50 members and guests sat down and were entertained by a couple of visitors, one from the North Pole who gave a brief but entertaining review of the audience’s Christmas wish list and then in greater detail by the guest of honour, Wera Hobhouse. Wera recounted a few tales of confusion as a newly elected MP, explained some of the issues that surrounded her well publicised Private Member's bill to outlaw upskirting and then gave a preview of her speech in parliament on the Brexit debate.

The audience were invited to ask questions of Wera who spent a very lively 45 minutes giving answers on subjects as diverse as the meaning of sovereignty to what had been her biggest surprise on entering parliament. She revealed this to be the fact that not all MPs know what they are talking about (Who’d have guessed?) 

About Wera Hobhouse.

Wera is a dedicated pro-European, a committed environmentalist, and Bath’s first female Member of Parliament.

She stood against Jacob Rees-Mogg in North East Somerset in the 2015 General Election and from the beginning of 2016 was a lead member of the Bath 'Stronger In' campaign to keep Britain in the EU. After the referendum in July 2016 Wera co-founded 'Bath for Europe' with like minded pro-Europeans in the city to organise demonstrations and events which highlight the benefits of the EU and the vital part it has played for Britain's peace and prosperity.

In office, under her remit as Spokesperson for Communities, Local Government and Refugees, she has asked difficult questions to the government after the Grenfell Tower tragedy. She holds regular surgeries, is an active supporter of the arts in Bath, and is working to implement change on Bath’s major issues of transport and social housing.


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