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We are winning all over the country, and we have a real chance in Salisbury.

  • Support for the Lib Dems has continued to grow following our stunning success at the local and European elections in May.
  • Recent polls show support for the Liberal Democrats is now at record levels and Jo Swinson is the most popular party leader.
  • MPs from Labour and the Conservatives are joining the Lib Dems, fed up with the broken politics the two old parties represent.

Why should you vote for the Liberal Democrats?

  • We will put an end to a damaging Brexit by calling for a People’s Vote, and if we win a majority we will revoke Brexit altogether.
  • We believe we must do much more to create a stable environment for our children by fixing Global Warming.
  • We actively work to improve local services, rather than just trying to find more ways to cut them.

What will Victoria Charleston do for Salisbury?

  • Victoria will work with local councils to improve the air quality around Salisbury by dealing with our traffic problems.
  • Victoria will promote the needs of Salisbury residents within parliament and push for better living conditions for all.
  • Victoria will support our military personnel by promoting services that improve their lives.
  • Victoria will actively support local business and environmental groups, to ensure Salisbury does its part to solve Global Warming for our children and grandchildren.

Published and promoted by Colin Baxter on behalf of Victoria Charleston at Willow Cottage, The Street Farley, Salisbury, SP5 1AA

Can you help the Liberal Democrats to win?

Unlike other Parties who are funded by big business and the unions, the Liberal Democrats rely entirely on volunteers and supporters like you.

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