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Campaigner's meeting
Last night, the Quaker House on Wilton Road was jam-packed with members ready to prepare for a General Election.
The main points covered were:
  • The Liberal Democrats are preparing for a General Election
  • Salisbury has a great opportunity to build and grow
  • We may be asked to help in target seats and need to respond to that request
  • There are plenty of different ways to get involved:

It is not hyperbole to say that nationally, this is our greatest opportunity for 100 years 

We as a party, both locally and nationally, need to be ambitious to seize the opportunity in front of us. That means working hard locally to deliver leaflets, knock on doors, and raise funds to fight this election.

I really look forward to seeing you at a campaign or social event soon and working with you to return a Liberal Democrat MP in Salisbury for the first time.

Victoria Charleston
Lib Dem PPC for Salisbury Constituency

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