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We’ve selected our next Parliamentary Candidate!

We are delighted to share with you the news that at today’s hustings Victoria Charleston was selected as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Salisbury.

We have a candidate that brings an energy and enthusiasm that is infectious and inspiring, her experiences of working in Parliament and for a national charity will prove invaluable in the coming months.

vc hustings

The current political landscape is as uncertain as I have ever seen, we have leaders of both Labour and the Conservatives more concerned with playing to their own internal minorities than the good of the country.

A general election could be weeks away and the Liberal Democrats are in the ascendence. We have a better chance of returning a Liberal Democrat MP than at almost any time since 1923 but it will require us all to step up.

We need Canvassers and delivery teams, we need poster sites, we need volunteers to telephone and stuff envelopes.

We need candidates for County and City council seats. We will need money. Any donation will be very gratefully received, whether it be a one off or regular standing order.

Whatever your skill sets we can use them, please let us know how you can help turn the Salisbury constituency yellow.

Can you help the Liberal Democrats to win?

Unlike other Parties who are funded by big business and the unions, the Liberal Democrats rely entirely on volunteers and supporters like you.

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