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Vote Liberal Democrat to Stop Brexit

Can you imagine a Britain where Brexit didn’t dominate every news bulletin? A nation that comes together to focus on creating jobs, tackling climate change and building the best education system in the world.

This article was published in the run-up to the 2019 European Elections.

I believe that future is in our grasp and your vote for the Liberal Democrats in the European Elections can help deliver it.

Over the last three years, we’ve seen the complete failure of Westminster politics. Theresa May has proved herself unwilling to listen or budge an inch from delivering the kind of Brexit only Nigel Farage really wanted. Jeremy Corbyn’s plans for a ‘Labour Brexit’ and refusal to back a People’s Vote have made things worse.

You can send them both a message in this election.

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By voting Liberal Democrat you’ll be voting to stop Brexit. You’ll be supporting a People’s Vote where the people, not the politicians get the final say. While we can’t take anything for granted, I believe we will win that vote. Public opinion has shifted significantly since 2016 as it’s become clearer what leaving the EU means.

In elections up and down the country, the Liberal Democrats are on the rise. We are gaining seats at every level from the big parties. People are seeing there is a different way to the twoparty Westminster politics that has failed us.

Please help us change the country and stop Brexit by using your postal vote to back the Liberal Democrats.

Best wishes,

 vince sig

Vince Cable
Leader of the Liberal Democrats

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