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Paul Sample greets commuters in Exeter Street

Paul Sample is the Liberal Democrats candidate for Salisbury and South Wiltshire. Last time he stood for parliamentary election here in 1992, he took more votes than any Liberal Democrat candidate in Salisbury's recorded history.

Paul is a well-known and respected local figure, a Justice of the Peace sitting on the South Wiltshire Magistrates Bench, and a former member of Wiltshire Police Authority. He was a city and county councillor for more than 20 years, and was leader of Salisbury District Council from 2007 until its abolition in 2009. Paul has also served as Mayor of Salisbury (1997 to 1998) and is the MD of a nationally-renowned digital design company employing 10 people in Wilton.

I am a Wiltshire man born and bred. I was educated at Bishop Wordsworth’s School, Salisbury, and The City University, London. I began my career as a journalist in the Houses of Parliament and succeeded Charles Stainsby as Editor of Liberal News in 1985. I first stood as the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Salisbury in 1992, and polled more votes than any other Lib Dem candidate in the history of the constituency.

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Proper funding for the NHS, and Social and Mental Health care provision is Paul’s single greatest priority. Paul was outside Salisbury District Hospital meeting doctors, nurses, health service staff and patients on Day One of the formal General Election campaign. 

Paul Sample has led the local campaign for proper funding of the NHS in South Wiltshire. He is supported by a growing number of NHS staff.

Pauls other key issues include the funding of social care, policing, and ensuring that the rights of Salisburys 3,000 foreign nationals are protected in the event that Brexit does go ahead.

Paul is married to Catherine, has two children, and lives in Salisbury.

Find out more about Paul Sample at 

And for all his latest updates follow Paul's Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Published and promoted by Colin Baxter on behalf of Paul Sample, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Salisbury, both at Willow Cottage, The Street, Farley, Salisbury, SP5 1AA

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